Chronix Biomedical, Inc. is a molecular diagnostics company offering laboratory developed tests for cancer.


CNI Monitor

Provides earliest determination of the efficacy of cancer therapies.


CNI Screen

Provides indication of a new tumor malignancy and can detect tumors before symptoms arise.


CNI 2nd Opinion

Assists in reducing unnecessary biopsies and improves patient care.

All Chronix tests are blood tests (Liquid biopsy tests) which detect tumor-derived cell-free DNA in blood samples of patients. Gains and losses of large chromosome sections that are present in the genome of cancer cells are detected and combined in a comprehensive copy number instability (CNI) score that can indicate tumor existance, remission or progression. Chronix blood tests are suitable for therapy monitoring for patients with chemotherapy or immunotherapy and for relapse monitoring after tumor resection (CNI MONITOR), screening (CNI SCREEN) and/or 2nd opinion regarding eventual tissue biopsis (CNI 2nd OPINION).



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It was the 5th year that Chronix Biomedical has been present at ASCO Annual Meeting in Chicago

This was the busiest ASCO conference yet for Chronix Biomedical. Chronix booth was visited by clinical trial oncologists, international cancer research...

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Chronix Biomedical reports positive interim pancreatic cancer data

Chronix Biomedical reports a positive interim analysis of its ongoing validation study of its Copy Number Instability (CNI)-based therapeutic monitoring test in pancreatic cancer. The study compares the accuracy of Chronix’s CNI-based test at predicting a clinical response, as early as after the first cycle of chemotherapy1 compared to CA19-9, a commonly used biomarker.

Chronix Biomedical presents positive data on prognostic test in head/neck cancer study data at ASCO

Study finds CNI score to be a stronger predictor of time to recurrence in head and neck cancer than current method based on lymph node invasion. The study enrolled 54 patients undergoing surgery for this cancer type and evaluated the Chronix test as a predictor of time to progression in comparison with the current method based on the degree of tumour invasion of lymph nodes (pN status).

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Chronix Biomedical is pleased to be a sponsor of the PCRT annual meeting

Chronix Biomedical

Chronix looks forward to working with this team of international pancreatic cancer experts.

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Chronix at the ASCO 2017 Annual Meeting

Chronix Biomedical

This is the third year that Chronix is presenting its study results at ASCO — this year’s results are from a blinded prospective study validating the use of a CNI Monitor blood test to predict the treatment outcome of patients undergoing immunotherapy.

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Chronix Biomedical is pleased to announce that results of a clinical trial of its liquid biopsy test have been accepted for presentation at the ASCO Annual Meeting.

Chronix Biomedical

The poster presentation will cover results of a study evaluating the Copy Number Instability (CNI) score as a prognostic test in head and neck cancer.


Prof. Piotr Radziszewski – New generation oncological biomarkers – focusing on Chronix company

Lecture at the 5th Polish women and men health debate according to Medical guidelines – kidney cancer, bladder cancer.

Chronix Biomedical – Our Technology



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Cell-free DNA for treatment monitoring and outcome predictor in head and neck cancer

Chronix Biomedical presents positive data on prognostic test in head/neck cancer study data at ASCO. Study finds CNI score to be a stronger predictor of time to recurrence in head and neck cancer than current method based on lymph node invasion.

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Predicting Treatment Outcomes in Immunotherapy

Weiss, G. et al. Tumor Cell-Free DNA Copy Number Instability Predicts Therapeutic Response to Immunotherapy.

Genomic analysis of tissue malignancies is well recapitulated by tumor cell free DNA (cfDNA) using the power of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS).

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Predicting Treatment Outcomes in Chemotherapy

Weiss, Glen J., et al. Changes in tumor cell-free DNA copy number instability (CNI) predict therapeutic response in metastatic cancers. Cancer Research 76.14 Supplement (2016): 3138-3138.

Gains and losses of chromosomal regions – as a hallmark of cancer – have been detected in plasma as copy number aberrations (CNAs), and for several cancers a relation to tumor size has been reported.


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Invitation to visit Chronix booth at ASCO. Join us in #TheTurningPointInCancerFight

CNI MONITOR. Developed by doctors for doctors. The new tool for drug efficacy. VISIT US on Chronix Booth #5147 Chronix Biomedical has published recently its results [...]

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Advanced Cancer Diagnostics Showcasingat 2016 NCRI Cancer Conference 6-9 November 2016

Chronix Biomedical’s Ireland & UK distributors Advanced Cancer Diagnostics will be attending and showcasing the latest Chronix diagnostic tests: Second Opinion Prostate Cancer Evaluation Test Second Opinion [...]


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“The knowledge that we have gained over the past year now suggests to us that we are able to provide to doctors and their patients the ability to diagnose at the most earliest stage the presence of cancer in their body.”
Howard Urnovitz, CEO of Chronix Biomedical for The Times
“We believe our cancer blood tests will lead to a world where no one dies unnecessarily of cancer.”
Howard Urnovitz, CEO of Chronix Biomedical