Hamburg / San Jose,CA- July 23, 2018 Chronix Biomedical Inc. and the amedes Group signed an exclusive, long-term license agreement for the Chronix products effective July 2018.

Chronix develops diagnostic tests for monitoring cancer and transplant patients based on cell-free DNA. The company holds extensive European patent protection for its developments. The license signed with amedes Medical Services is valid for the DACH region and Belgium and is valid for 15 years.

The technology transfer has already been completed. All tests based on cell-free DNA are offered by the amedes medical laboratory wagnerstibbe in Hannover under the brand name “Liquid Biopsy Center”.

The medical applications of the licensed products has been proven in numerous internationally published studies:

Most recently in June, Chronix and the University Medicine Göttingen (UMG) were able to show that the TheraSure CNI monitor test, which detects cell-free tumor DNA in the blood of patients, has a high prognosis value for Head and Neck tumors1.

Already last year it was shown that this novel test with a simple blood sample for therapy monitoring of chemo-/immunotherapy leads to excellent results in numerous cancer diseases. It provides a significant time gain compared to the standard procedure2. The study was conducted by Chronix Biomedical Göttingen with clinical partners in the USA.

Also last year a multicenter study on the monitoring of liver transplants was published, which was carried out together with the Charité, the University Medicine Hamburg-Eppendorf and the UMG. Here, the independent value of the Chronix test (based on cell-free DNA) for the diagnosis of rejection and its superiority over conventional tests could be demonstrated in a prospective blind study3.

“The license agreement with Chronix is an important building block for further expanding and sustainably strengthening our range of diagnostic services in oncology and transplantation medicine,” said Dr. Thomas Winkler, Head of Strategy & Operations of the amedes Group and Managing Director of Liquid Biopsy Center. Prof. Dr. Ekkehard Schütz, CEO & CMO of Chronix Inc. also welcomes the cooperation: “With amedes we have found a reliable and innovative partner with whom we can establish our products in the DACH region”.

1Schirmer MA, Beck J, Leu M, et al: Cell-Free Plasma DNA for Disease Stratification and Prognosis in Head and Neck Cancer. Clin Chem 64:959-970, 2018

²Weiss GJ, Beck J, Braun DP, et al: Tumor Cell-Free DNA Copy Number Instability Predicts Therapeutic Response to Immunotherapy. Clin Cancer Res 23:5074-5081, 2017

3Schütz E, Fischer A, Beck J, et al: Graft-derived cell-free DNA, a noninvasive early rejection and graft damage marker in liver transplantation: A prospective, observational, multicenter cohort study. PLoS Med 14:e1002286, 2017

Information about the companies

The amedes group offers interdisciplinary and medical-diagnostic services for patients, established doctors and clinics at more than 60 laboratory and practice locations in Germany and Belgium. In total, more than 150,000 laboratory samples are processed daily by specially qualified employees according to the latest state of the art in science and technology. In addition, more than 450,000 patients are treated by amedes specialists every year. Particular emphasis is placed on gynecology, internal medicine and pediatrics. A broad spectrum of services and consulting for laboratories in clinics and doctors’ surgeries expands the offer. With more than 3,500 employees – including over 350 doctors and scientific staff – amedes is one of the largest companies in this field in Germany.

Chronix Biomedical Inc. San Jose, CA, USA is researching the diagnostic use of cell-free DNA in the field of malignant tumors and in post-transplant care. As one of the pioneers in this field, several diagnostic approaches have been described by Chronix for the first time and developed to market maturity. Chronix Biomedical GmbH (Göttingen) is a subsidiary of Chronix Inc. with responsibility for research and

Liquid Biopsy Center GmbH in Göttingen markets innovative diagnostics for amedes Medizinische Dienstleistungen GmbH (majority shareholder), focusing on cell-free DNA in cancer and organ transplantation.

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