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Liquid biopsy helps cancer patients to fight the disease

Liquid biopsy helps to detect cancer at an early stage of development. It allows the appropriate implementation of treatment as well as its monitoring.

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Liquid biopsy cfDNA and ctDNA – see the connection!

The most important task is to be able to make a distinction between cell-free circulating DNA and circulating tumor DNA. With liquid biopsy, it is possible!

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Liquid biopsy does not have those limitations

Since genetic material for the test is obtained from the blood, liquid biopsy does not have the limitations that other methods do. Check it out!

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In search for revolution – liquid biopsy in cancer fight

Healthcare industry is searching for a thing that will revolutionize the fight with cancer. Maybe, liquid biopsy is that thing!

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Liquid biopsy yesterday and today – learn what has changed

Primarily, the main function of liquid biopsy was to detect and analyze circulating tumor cells in the blood. Now it focuses on both: cfDNA and ctDNA.

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Learn how liquid biopsy is different from traditional methods

What leaves other methods far behind this test is its non-invasiveness – all is need to be done is a simple blood extraction.

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Liquid biopsy rendering scientists amazed

Liquid biopsy is a revolutionary medical invention that has caused a big excitement among scientists and given a lot of hope for the sick.

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Numerous benefits of liquid biopsy

Liquid biopsy means non-invasiveness, ability to be conducted multiple times, and the possibility to change quickly already implemented treatment.

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Liquid biopsy – many benefits and chances for better future

With liquid biopsy we can monitor the whole body. This gives us a huge advantage over other methods, and hopes for the future.

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Liquid biopsy – What is it? How does it work? What are the advantages?

Liquid biopsy is a kind of test to detect tumors that is performed on a simple blood sample. It can be performed repeatedly without risks for the patient.

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