Chronix Biomedical provides update on studies and presentations

Chronix Biomedical

Data from pilot studies using Chronix’s CNI test submitted for presentation at a high profile scientific meeting...

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10 Cancer Symptoms

Chronix Biomedical

The best way to fight cancer is to diagnose it in its early stage...

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Chronix Biomedical

World Cancer Day is a perfect opportunity to focus on your health state...

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Blood test could identify aggressive prostate cancer

The Times

The Times: thousands of men with prostate cancer could be saved from unnecessary operations thanks to a blood test...

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Chronix Biomedical updates on progress with prostate and pancreatic cancer validation studies

Chronix Biomedical

Chronix Biomedical, Inc., a developer of novel cancer blood-based molecular diagnostics, is pleased to update investors on the progress of two clinical studies...

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Cancer – what you need to know?

UK Cancer Research

UK Cancer Research has created Cancer Statistic: Early diagnosis of cancer increases the chances of a full recovery. That's why Advanced Cancer Diagnostics puts attention to the importance of cancer screening. Cancer can’t...

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Cancer Moonshot – Initiative of the Government of the United States

Chronix Biomedical

"The Cancer Moonshot Initiative’s mission of speeding cures for the hundreds of cancers we treat is much more complex than putting a man on the moon." President Barack Obama’s announcement of a Cancer Moonshot Initiative...

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20 Years Later: A Cancer DNA Load Blood Test

Chronix Biomedical

Chronix Biomedical filed its first patent application 20 years ago on October 4, 1996. This first patent application has subsequently led to a series of exciting developments culminating in revolutionary genetic testing technology to diagnose...

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Chronix Biomedical

Exactly 20 years ago, on 4th of October 1996, Howard Urnovitz, founder and CEO of Chronix Biomedical, an innovative biomedical company from Palo Alto (California, US), has applied for a Patent, which was the result...

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Chronix Biomedical welcomes moves to define new regulatory standards in liquid biopsy field

Chronix Biomedical

San Jose, CA, USA and Göttingen, Germany (20 July 2016) – Chronix Biomedical, Inc., a developer of blood-based molecular diagnostics, welcomes the recent moves to more clearly define US regulatory standards for the use of...

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