Chronix Biomedical, Inc. is a molecular diagnostics company designing laboratory developed tests for cancer and organ transplants.

CNI Monitor

Provides earliest determination of the efficacy of cancer therapies.


All Chronix tests are blood tests (Liquid biopsy tests) which detect tumor-derived cell-free DNA in blood samples of patients. Gains and losses of large chromosome sections that are present in the genome of cancer cells are detected and combined in a comprehensive copy number instability (CNI) score that can indicate tumor existence, remission or progression. Chronix blood tests are suitable for therapy monitoring for patients with chemotherapy or immunotherapy and for relapse monitoring after tumor resection (CNI MONITOR).


Distributor – UK

Emma Lane

Advanced Cancer Diagnostics, Ltd

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Distributor – Poland

Elżbieta Ginalska-Markiewicz

Modern Cancer Diagnostics

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LBC is an officially licensed Chronix laboratory offering CNI tests in Europe