CNI Screen

CNI Cancer Evaluation Test

The Chronix Biomedical CNI Screen blood test is a vast improvement to more traditional methods of determining the presence of cancer. The essential difference is that now for the first time, using proprietary Next Generation Sequencing we can detect cancer mutations of DNA in blood plasma. Our method is based on years long development using proprietary technologies and sophisticated and detailed comparisons to our database of healthy individuals. This enables a sensitive and specific distinction of normal variances from cfDNA that is of high risk to be coming from a malignancy. Advantages of this new technology, are that we can now look at the entirety of the body and its health state relating to cancer. Current scanning and tissue biopsy can only look at a specific part of the body, such as the lung or prostate, and is usually only carried out on presentation of symptoms.


Patient Consent

Please note, that Chronix tests are known as „Laboratory developed tests” that doctors use to help make medical decisions. There is a Chance of false positive and false negative results. A patient taking blood sample of our tests must be aware of this statement and sign a Consent Form.

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Different outcome scenarios as result of the CNI score