Liquid biopsy marks breakthrough

Liquid biopsy. To scientists dealing with the puzzle of cancer, this technical term means very much – it is the light at the end of a dark tunnel that remembers them that their efforts put into their hard work are not for nothing. It is another step toward the future of medicine, when diseases that are fatal nowadays will be curable as flu or a headache. This is a kind of future without fear of death, excruciating pain that accompanies many illnesses, agitation caused by the unknown. Can you picture in your mind this sort of living? I can, and I strongly believe it will happen. Of course, probably I will not experience living in this “utopia”, but maybe next generations will. Let us do our best to make this goal, which seems a science-fiction now, less far fetched.


Hope and consolation for patients

To patients, on the other hand, those two words convey all the emotions that are very difficult to even dress in words. Try to imagine what may feel a mother who has just realized her only daughter has been diagnosed with cancer. There must be that moment of doubtfulness – How will I go on? What the hell am I supposed to say to my lovely child? It certainly takes some time until the child is told what is going on.

To prevent tragedy

Think of those people who have devoted everything they had to achieve something, because they did not want to accept the unfair situation and resolved to become someone or die. And then at the moment when they dream has been realized they find out they do not have much time left. Why? Because of the perfidious parasite that is trying to destroy everything. The dimwit that has found people as the place of its residence.