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Liquid biopsy as a sign of advancement in science

It looks at both: biological aspects and the ones that regard technical considerations. Those include the latest developments in science.

Liquid biopsy – viable option in cancer diagnostics. Check it out!

The cutting-edge method of cancer detection, liquid biopsy is a viable other option in all cancer procedures. Don't hesitate to find out more!

Liquid biopsy – allows the scanning of the whole body

Scanning the whole body is only possible with liquid biopsy. This is so, because this test does not concentrate on any specific part of the body.

Liquid biopsy – when there is no time to wait. Check it out!

Traditional biopsies take 3 months to see if treatment has been implemented appropriately. With liquid biopsy, it is 3 days.

Liquid biopsy scans the whole body – better picture

Liquid biopsy, unlike traditional methods, scans the whole human body. It means that we receive much more accurate information about our body condition.

Liquid biopsy – in order to keep cancer one step behind

The key is to keep cancer one step behind. Thanks to liquid biopsy, we can monitor the course of treatment and change it in case it does not work.