According to American Cancer Society more than a million people in the U.S. get cancer each year. The best way to fight cancer is to diagnose it in its early stage.

Here’s a list of symptoms you shouldn’t ignore:

  1. Persistent Fatigue

If you’ve been tired every day for a month or more,  or have been recently experiencing unusual shortness of breath that you hadn’t noticed before. (Symptom of several cancers, for example: stomach cancer, leukemia, colon cancer, lymphoma).

  1. Weight Loss Without Trying

If you’ve lost 10 pounds or more and haven’t even tried, it may be a sign of: stomach cancer, pancreatic cancer or lung cancer.

  1. Unexplained Lump Or Thickness

Anytime you have a lump that you haven’t noticed before or a thickening under the skin that’s new or changing in size, you should have it checked out as soon as possible. It could be breast cancer.

  1. Constant Unexplained Pain

Constant headaches might not mean that you have brain cancer, but they still should be looked into. It might be symptom of: ovarian cancer, bone cancer, colon cancer or testicular cancer.

  1. Frequent Fevers Or Infections

If you’re normally healthy but have noticed that you’ve been getting sick or feverish more frequently, it could possibly be an early sign of leukemia or lymphoma.

  1. Skin Changes

Anytime you have a freckle, wart, or mole that changes color, size, or shape, or if it loses its sharp border, then you should have it checked out for melanoma or some of the other types of skin cancer.

  1. Change In Bowel Or Bladder Habits

Anytime you have diarrhea or constipation for an unusually long time, it could be a sign or rectal or colon cancer. Pain when passing urine, signs of blood in the urine or needing to go more often than usual could be related to:  prostate cancer, bladder  cancer or kidney cancer.

  1. Persistent Cough Or Hoarseness

A cough every once in a while isn’t usually anything to worry about — but if your cough seems different than the cough you regularly have experienced over the years, or if it’s accompanied by blood, there’s definitely cause for concern.

  1. Unexpected Bleeding

In women, vaginal bleeding, when it occurs outside of your normal cycle, can be an early sign of cervical or endometrial cancer.

  1. Pains In The Mouth Or Throat

A cold sore around the mouth area, a pain in the mouth or throat area that doesn’t go away or any swelling or numbness of the jaw — any of these might be a sign of a mouth cancer.

Early cancer detection is a key to successful treatment.

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