This was the busiest ASCO conference yet for Chronix Biomedical. Chronix booth was visited by clinical trial oncologists, international cancer research groups, big pharma, health care insurers to name a few. They have met special guests of Chronix: Dr. Tomislav Dragovich and Dr Madappa Kundranda of Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center, Dr Glen J Weiss – lead author of CCR paper on immunotherapy as well as Chronix representatives, Howard Urnovitz, CEO, Prof. Ekkehard Schütz, CMO and others.

This year the company has presented a poster entitled Cell-free DNA for treatment monitoring and outcome predictor in head and neck cancer. The study enrolled 54 patients undergoing surgery for this cancer type and evaluated the Chronix test as a predictor of time to progression in comparison with the current method based on the degree of tumour invasion of lymph nodes (pN status).

During the presentation of the poster the lead author, Dr. Julia Beck of Chronix Biomedical commented:

“The study showed that CNI score can provide a more accurate prognostic tool for assessing time to progression than conventional staging based on clinical parameters. Given predicted time to progression is an important factor in the therapeutic decision post surgery, such a test has the potential to improve outcomes in this cancer.”

During ASCO conference, Chronix has also reported a positive interim analysis of its ongoing validation study of its Copy Number Instability (CNI)-based therapeutic monitoring test in pancreatic cancer.  The study compares the accuracy of Chronix’s CNI-based test at predicting a clinical response, as early as after the first cycle of chemotherapy1 compared to CA19-9, a commonly used biomarker. CA-19-9 is often used as an aid in prediction of response in pancreatic cancer, but suffers drawbacks, of which one is that it is only present in a proportion of patients.2 Patients were also assessed by radiologic imaging (RECIST). The study continues to accrue patients and Chronix hopes to present updated results from a subsequent interim analysis at a major scientific meeting later this year or in early 2018.

In an interview published during ASCO at Clinical Oncologist Daily, Prof. Ekkehard Schütz, CMO of Chronix has said:

„Our CNI Monitor test presented at ASCO was developed by doctors for doctors. Given the success of the blinded clinical trials done in chemotherapy and immunotherapy in a wide spectrum of different types of solid tumors, Chronix Biomedical is planning a series of clinical trials focused on specific cancers. The company is actively recruiting clinical practices to join in the clinical trials of this important blood test that monitors treatment outcomes. We believe meetings at our booth at ASCO will help to join Chronix in our project #TheTurningPointInCancerFight.”